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There’s a head for every hat!

Creative Warehouse has been collecting hats for Caps for Kids since 1993.  Deadline for this years hat donation to get to the kids for the holidays is November 15, 2018.   

Caps for Kids Beantown, Inc.  distributes hats and other knitted, crocheted items to children in the Boston area.  Hats go to schools, shelters, homes and anywhere they are needed.  

Caps for Kids was founded in 1993 by Dr. Stephen Heinrich, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in New Orleans, Louisiana, and a clinical professor at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. While treating a young man and fanatic Auburn University fan, Dr. Heinrich gave his patient an autographed cap signed by Terry Bowden, football coach for Auburn University, and Bobby Bowden, football coach for Florida State University. After experiencing the joy a simple hat could bring, Dr. Heinrich organized Caps For Kids to lift the spirits of young cancer patients nationwide.

Dr. Heinrich started with a goal to provide all children receiving chemotherapy at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans with an autographed cap by a notable personality. After some publicity, the goal was met, and Caps For Kids began to expand. Today, Caps for Kids has more than 130 chapters across the United States and Canada.

The national organization is run by a full-time staff based in New Orleans, with a volunteer Board of Directors and Advisory Council to help provide leadership and drive the organization’s growth.

Today, our one cap, one patient and one smile has turned into tens of thousands of caps, children and countless smiles.

 Please do not add buttons or any other decoration/attachment that could be dangerous (e.g., choking hazard).

 Similarly, please do not use staples, paper clips, or safety pins on the tags, as they then need to be removed for safety reasons. I’m happy to mail you sticky tags upon request or you can attach non-sticky tags with yarn.

 Please attach the tags to the outside of items.

 If you are providing matching sets of items, please tie them together with a piece of yarn to prevent them getting separated.

 If you mail or drop items off, please be sure to put your name or group on the box or package, even if you’ve told me they were coming. Sometimes, especially in November, there can be several hundred items arriving at once! If there’s no indication about the creator, I tag them as “Handmade for you by a friend.”

 If possible, please note the number/type of items preferably on outside of box or bag, or inside on a sheet of paper.

 We always have a waiting list for yarn, especially regular weight acrylic. Please consider donating unused clean skeins enough for 1+ item; no stained/dirty yarn, or tiny bits.
2018 Goal: 12,000 items; the sites count on us and for some kids this is their only holiday gift. We are grateful for any
items, hats and otherwise, that keep children warm.
Age Group: Preemies to 18 years old; please consider making items for 6-18 year olds.
Every hat/item is tagged with the group or first name of the person who made it. If you make 30+ items and are
willing to tag, I’m happy to provide email template or send actual tags (please provide hard mail address).
Patterns and Yarn: Check out the internet for free patterns, or use your own favorites. 

Our grand total to date= 128,675 items! 2017 = 11,463 items, 58 Boston sites – primary schools, daycare/early ed programs, homeless children’s agencies, hospitals, community health centers

I LLLLove my hat. Love it. Love it. Love it! Thank you Calista My hat is keeping me worm. Love, Ineida

I love my hat that is the best thing I ever have. Love Felix

Thank you for all the help so now all the cold kids will be warm now. Patricia

_______________________________________________________________________________In addition to Caps for Kids we also collect knitted items including sweaters, scarves, mittens for Veterans and their families, Welcome Blankets for refugees and immigrants, Blankets for Hospice, Knockers for breast cancer survivors, blankets for cats and sweaters for penquins.